Flexible hose

Flexible Hose


The most promising direction to improve the structure of metal hose is each part of the structure is reasonable. To reduce the weight of the hose, improve the flexibility, working temperature and working pressure, increase the working capacity under various load condition, improve the hydraulic characteristics, and create metal hose with good thermal insulation and vacuum performance.


At present, the industrial sector is developing a variety of different structures hose, including multi-layer corrugated pipe hose. This hose has a high flexibility, good damping characteristics and the studio has sufficient carrying capacity under pressure. In recent years, the fluorine plastic hose has emerged, and it is characterized by high chemical stability, large working capacity, low hydraulic resistance under pulsating load.


In order to further improve working pressure, adopting shell metal reinforcement and developing more reasonable multi-layer metal net structure to improve cross-section shape of bellows. With the purpose of transporting low boiling point liquid. It's developing the kind of hose with shielding vacuum thermal barrier .